VeganMofo 2012 begins

Ideas are still rolling around in my head for what to do this month.  Not quite sure which path to take, so bear with me folks.  It might be a themed month, it might not.  

(not this weeks goodies.  this was my first week)

Yesterday I picked up our CSA box.  I'm new to the CSA box thing.  Normally I prefer going to a farmer's market and picking out what grabs me at the moment.  Lately, with work and life, I have been missing my farmer's market runs.  So I thought I would try the CSA route for awhile.  So far it has been okay.  Sometimes I get something that I won't use (corn or green beans - my husband has Crohn's Disease and those foods don't work in our house), so I share it with extended family or coworkers.  Which I like, spreading the organic, fresh love of fruits and veggies.  Feed the masses.  I love it.  

This is my third box:  beets, japanese eggplant, cilantro, plums, grapes, nectarines, oranges, pomegranate, cabbage,  anaheim chiles, kale, chard, lettuce, roma tomatoes and garlic were the beauties we took home this week. 

 The beets have already been roasted.  I will eat them for lunch today.  Normally I would eat them warm from the oven with a little margarine, salt and pepper.  Simple and perfect in every way.  The beet greens have been saved so that I can saute them with tempeh for tomorrow's dinner.  There is a recipe in Vegan Brunch that comes to mind.  You can never go wrong with breakfast for dinner!    

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