Pumpkin - Vegan MoFo 2012

My daughter's preschool teacher asked me to do a cooking activity with the class.  Had to be pumpkin somewhere in the end product.  Lily wanted pumpkin muffins but I wanted to try a new recipe.  So I cracked open Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.  Low and behold there was a simple pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake with a cinnamon icing.  These are our new favorite cupcakes.  We had them without the icing and with, do yourself a big favor and make the icing.  Not that they HAVE to have the icing, they are good either way, but the icing is so delicious!!!  

These photos are from our practice run.  Two days later we made them with her class and all went perfect.  Kids and teachers all loved them.  Asking for second and third servings of cinnamon icing to their cupcakes.  I have the leftover icing in my fridge, waiting to find another use for it.  I might just have to use it on a spoon straight into my mouth!

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Sarah said...

I love those! If you leave the glaze off you can pretend they're muffins and eat more and pretend they're healthy.