Plum tart - Vegan MoFo 2012

The other day I opened my email to find an update from Celine Steen at have cake will travel.  There were gorgeous photos of plums in a gorgeous crust.  She had my attention!  I opened the link and was so happy to see that she had shared the recipe for these gorgeous treats.  
Almond Plum Mini Crostata Pies.  I quickly realized that we had plums from our √áSA box and almond meal in the fridge.  These babies were going to become a reality right then and there.  As I started to pull out ingredients, my daughter asked what I was doing.  I replied it was time to try plum tarts (simplified the name for a four yr old and me, who am i kidding?!?!).  She pulled out her step ladder, pushed up her sleeves on her Hello Kitty jammies, and stated "I want to help!"  Well okay, the more the merrier.  



These simple tarts were super easy to throw together and smelled delicious coming out of the oven.  There is almond extract in the filling, so you can really smell it.  Crust was so tasty and the dish as a whole wasn't overly sweet.  We were able to share with  my parents too.  My father couldn't stop raving how great these tarts were.  So take my dad's word, and mine, and get this dish cooking in your kitchen asap.


Brianne Service said...

Yum! These look and sound magnificent. I have a thing of plums here screaming for a purpose, too!

erin32mc said...

Hope you get a chance to try it out.