Pink rice anyone? - Vegan Mofo 2012

Every Sunday we go to our local library, well I lie, we go to the nicer library in Santa Monica.  The kids pick out videos that we can keep for one week and I cruise the cookbook aisles.  My daughter really loves the pictures in one bento box book that we have found.  She has been on me to check it out again and again to make the lunches for her.  The book is called Yum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches by Maki Ogawa  I finally took the hint and checked it out.

Lily picked out "fluffy lamb" as her first recipe to try.  The recipe calls for a quail egg to make the face. Lily's is made out of raw tofu.  I did my best to shape it like the egg ..... not so great, I know.  The ears are tofu too, but in the book they are cheese.  Then seaweed cut for eyes, nose, mouth (forgive my terrible skills again) and ketchup for the cheeks.  We added beet food coloring to the sushi rice to give it the deep pink color.  Lily loved going through the process of copying the book and veganizing it.  She ate everything but the "egg of tofu."  Lily let me know that I did a good job but it wasn't exactly like the picture.  I appreciated her giving me the good news first.  Maybe my skills will improve over time if I continue practicing.

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Candy Beans said...

Wow this is super cute! It actually made me laugh to see the cute little face :) I am on a quest to makeover my 6-year old stepdaughter's diet and a book like this might help. Off to the library with me ... mostly because I work there, but I will look hard on my daily loitering in the cookbook section.