Garlic Knots - Vegan MoFo 2012

Everytime I get a new cookbook, I browse through it and then I browse through it again with my kids.
Asking if anything catches their eye.  Usually the sweets grab their attention.  No surprise there.  But when we got Chloe Coscarelli's book Chloe's Kitchen: 125 Easy, Delicious Recipes for Making the Food You Love the Vegan Way, the kids both wanted the garlic knots.

The garlic knots take awhile to make due to the dough.  It has to rise, you have to roll it out, and then twist the dough bits into these cute little knots.  Brush with olive oil and stick them in the oven.  While these are baking, mince a lot of garlic and parsley and put in a bowl with olive oil.  Once the knots come out of the oven, dump them into the bowl with the garlic oil.  Put on a plate and watch them disappear!

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Candy Beans said...

This is the second post in a few days I've read about this specific recipe. I may have to check out this book!