At the farm - Vegan MoFo 2012

My youngest one had Monday off of school so we drove out to Underwood Farms in Moorpark for a little fun.  They are having the Fall Harvest Festival right now.  Weekends are 12 dollars for each person!!!!  Luckily the weekdays are only 3 dollars each.  We walked thru the sunflower fields, the pumpkin patch, tomato vines, bell pepper area, and most importantly, the blackberries!!!!  Lily decided that we needed to pick blackberries first.  Not many to grab but I think we were able to find about thirty berries.  Lily loved picking the berries, so that is all that matters.  Grabbed a few peppers and tomatoes and headed out.  Lily reminded me that we "had" to get some pumpkins...she twisted my arm.  Grabbed two of the smallest pumpkins we could find and called it a day.  And what a great day it was. 


Sarah said...

so cute! :)

erin32mc said...

why thank you, sarah. ;)