Quick trip to San Francisco

For our end of summer event, we drove up to the Bay Area for a long weekend.  The kids did AMAZING on the long drive up the boring 5 highway.  So proud of them.  During our weekend, we hit up Cinnaholics in Berkeley.  Henry had a hard time choosing his toppings but  decided on caramel frosting, chocolate chips, and marshmallows.  He had the worker cross of cookie dough.  Thank goodness!  Henry ate half of his bun and then felt sick.  He was able to walk it off but it was close for a few minutes.  Lily just wanted vegan marshmallows on her bun.  She ate all ten marshmallows and then decided she was done.  Funny girl.  Matt and I finished off that cinnamon bun.  The buns were delicious but the store smelled SO sweet that it was hard to sit in there.  So if I were you, I'd get my buns to go and enjoy them in a park somewhere.