Babycakes bakery in Downtown L.A.

My 8 year old is about to turn 9.  That in itself is a scary but exciting event.  His school won't let me bake my own goodies to share so we always have to find a place to make his vegan goodies to share with the class.  Last year was doughnuts that were a hit.  This year Henry wants to just do cupcakes.  I knew that Babycakes had finally opened their doors in Downtown LA, so we headed out on Saturday to give them a go.  (Sorry to say the battery in my camera was dead, so no photos.)

Lily, my 2 year old, kept saying pink pink pink on our drive down.  So I was hoping that pink cupcakes would be waiting for us, since it's hard to get a toddler to understand.  We lucked out!  There were scores of pink cupcakes for Lily to choose from.  She ended up with a spelt lemon cupcake with bright pink frosting and a flower on top.  She ate half of it on the walk back to our car, which was only a block away.
The cupcake was crumbly and the frosting was smooth and delicate.

Henry picked the brownie cupcake with vanilla frosting and chocolate chips.  SCORE!  It was the best thing we bought.  Moist, tasty, and filling.  He still has half of it in our fridge, although I'm sure he'll be eating it after school today.

I picked up a red velvet gluten free cupcake.  I enjoyed it.  Texture was good and the frosting was tasty.  Not super sweet or heavy, like mainstream frosting.  I also picked out one doughnut with chocolate frosting Henry and I were not  that impressed with it.  It was a bit tough.  Lily thought it was great and was happy she didn't have to share it.  Also grabbed a cookie sandwich (two chocolate chip cookies with a big layer of frosting in the middle).  This was okay, not great.  Probably would've enjoyed the cookies more on their own, no frosting.  But I'm also really picky about my chocolate chip cookies.  We got a couple brownie bites.  One was sweetened with agave and the other was non refined sugar.  We preferred the agave brownie.  Seemed to be more moist.  As we were being rung up, I spotted "day old" goodies that were half off the original price.  I picked the blueberry crumb pie.  Good pick, if I don't say so myself.  It was delicious.  I'd get that again in a heartbeat.

If you want to see some great shots of the goodies at Babycakes, head over to Quarrygirl.com and read about her outing to the bakery.  I also recommend checking out the menu at Babycakes so you can plan ahead.  There are so many goodies, it's hard to stay focused!  I can't believe I got out of there spending under 30 dollars.  A friend of mine spent $48!

The staff is super friendly and helpful.  Parking is a bit of a pain.  Either deal with paying for a parking lot (we saw $4  lots) or bring lots of quarters.  The meter only gives you five minutes per quarter!!