Farmer's Market haul

In a perfect world, I get to a farmer's market every week. To cruise the entire market checking out the produce before making my purchases is quite relaxing for me. I love the colors and smells. To see what others are getting excited about. I never have enough bags or arms to carry everything that I want to take home.

The other week I was able to go to the West Los Angeles farmer's market which is on Santa Monica Blvd, near Purdue. Not the biggest market but it's nearby and when I'm short on time, it does just fine. On this beautiful LA day, these are the goods I walked away with: basil for pesto (my daughter eats by the spoonfuls), apricots (my first ones of the season), berries (you can never be without berries during the summer), a bag of oranges (quick snacks), tomatoes for a pasta dish, garlic (never ever be without garlic), peaches, cherries and nectarines (also firsts of the season), fresh apple juice and apples, and a red onion.

After we dug into the food, my first disappointment was that I didn't buy more of the stone fruits. They were so good. Those apricots were perfect. So perfect. Everyone should have a piece of perfection like that everyday. I forgot how much I love peaches.

Hopefully this weekend I will find the time to get to the farmer's market and cruise the aisles. It will be the highlight of my week.