Birthday cake for my 9 year old

My 9 year old goes to public school in Los Angeles. There are SO many rules about what you can't do. Hard to remember them all. One of the rules is that you can't bring homemade food to share with your child's class. So every year I purchase vegan goods to bring in for the special day. This year we decided to try out Babycakes NYC bakery in Downtown LA. Henry chose the brownie cake with vanilla frosting. It was a double layer cake. Tons of yumminess!!! The frosting was creamy and not at all like the super intense sugar stuff. Just perfect. It was gluten free since Babycakes only does gluten free or spelt flour. Henry likes the texture of gluten free better than the spelt. Hands down he made the perfect choice all the way around.   And just a note regarding the smudges on  the cake.  The bakery put pink flowers all over the cake which I knew Henry would not be cool with it.  So I removed those before heading over the his class.  Luckily, a class of 3rd graders didn't care how it looked.  They just wanted to dig in!

Happy birthday baby. I love you.