Pure Luck

The other weekend I had the luxury of going out with my buddy, Karen, and no kids. Don't get me wrong, I love time with my kids and miss them loads when I'm at work. But it's healthy to have some fun adult time to keep your sanity. I need to do it more than I do.

Karen and I have been friends for years and we have an old habit of just driving. No real plans, just go. So that is what we did. I picked her up in West L.A. and we headed east on Pico. Then turned up Fairfax but nothing was calling out to us, so drove east again on Beverly, which somehow turned into Melrose. Then it hit me! Pure Luck by LACC. I never get to eat there without the kidlets and I was well overdue for a visit. Found a prime parking spot in front and headed in for goodies.

First up was a glass of beer to toast in the new year. I broke out of my pattern of light or amber ale's and went for a darker beer. The description said it had subtle chocolate flavors, sold. That was for me. Next I had to pick between a combo plate with jackfruit, beans, and rice or the jackfruit torta with a salad. The torta won out. I ate every single bite. Love that dish. Karen liked her first taste of jackfruit. If you haven't tried it, you have to give it a go. Karen ordered the cesear salad with tofu. She was a happy customer. Before I ordered some deep fried pickles and ate too much, we headed out. Sadly Scoops (has vegan ice cream and is across the street from Pure Luck) was closed, so we weren't able to have my usual post Pure Luck experience.

But since we drive here in LA, somehow destiny took us near the Beverly Center, which is close to Real Food Daily restaurant. Another awesome parking score right in front and we headed in for tea and german chocolate cake. The cake slice was nearly eight dollars, which is super steep for me, but I figured I deserved it on my day out. I always say I'll make german chocolate cake at home but I never do. So here, I'll say it again, I need to make it. So good. RFD's was a little dry, but it didn't stop me from practically cleaning the plate of every chocolate or coconut morsel. And let it be known, Karen didn't have one bite. I ate the entire thing myself. No guilt. No regret. 2010 baby, live it up.