Green Goddess Salad from Eat,Drink, and Be Vegan

I doubt I have the name correct...but it's close enough. Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan is by Dreena Burton. I have quite a love for her Vive Le Vegan book and have to force myself not to go back to it everytime I am craving one of her dishes. But once in awhile I break the mold, and this was one of those days.

This dish is simple and has chickpeas....two pluses for me. I would eat chickpeas more but my husband complains, so it's something I do in private. A private chickpea lover. I usually eat this dish straight, but once in awhile I stick in on some kind of toasted bread product. The ingredient list is short: chickpeas, vegan mayo, green goddess dressing, celery, green apples (optional) and some seaweed, salt and pepper. I believe there are capers in there as well.

I wish I had a helping of this right now. I could use a little something to hold me over until dinnertime.