We're walking here.

We're walking here., originally uploaded by erin32mc.

I love the size difference between my kids at this stage.
That's all I wanted to say. I'm in love with them. I thank them
for choosing me to be their mommy. I truly am lucky.
Can't wait for 2009. Gonna be fun.


Only silly need to apply

Lily is confused, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

We had a family day yesterday. A big brunch of tempeh crumbles from VWAV, homemade biscuits, golden gravy, and sweet potato hash. Good stuff! Then playing handball or skateboarding. Off to Santa Monica Airport to watch planes land and take off. This was Lily's first time. Henry went MANY times as a kid. Anyways, Lily enjoyed seeing the planes and then we went to the park that is next to the airport. Once she saw the swings, she was smiling from ear to ear! Once we got Lily settled in the swing with Daddy, Henry and I took off to go see the dogs in the dog area of the park. Not much happening. The sun had set and it was getting cold so we decided to head over to Real Food Daily for dinner.

Henry ate a grilled cheeze sandwich while reading a Star Wars comic. Lily polished off a tempeh triangle and some mashed potatoes, although Daddy's sweet potato mash was much better! I can't believe we're ordering kid meals for Lily. But she has a great appetite, so we might as well order her a whole dish to herself.

On the way back to the car, Lily had to walk on her own, alongside all of us. Of course a 2 minute thing became a 15 minute or more thing. But that is totally fine. It was exciting to see her explore.

Now it's back to work for me while the rest of the family is sleeping in on a wet and chilly day. Lucky buggers!


Sheperds pie is good!

Shepard's pie is good!, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

This photo makes me happy. I love seeing people enjoying food, especially when they are in my family. Lily is eating sheperds pie and she looooves it, as you can see. She went to bed with a full tummy.


Holiday Baking

Sugar cookies, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Over the weekend, I did some SERIOUS baking! Must have been nearly 400 cookies and treats. Sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate covered pretzels. Most of it went to my work. My boss likes to send out homemade treat baskets to clients. Four of us at work made treats to send out. Of course, mine were the only vegan ones. My chocolate chip cookies came out PERFECT! So soft. And tons of chocolate chips. Henry thought I overdid it, but I thought it was just right. Funny that he thought I overdid the chocolate, I never thought I would hear those words come out of his mouth.

This weekend we have a cookie exchange party to attend with our vegan family playgroup. Henry has been craving peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, so that is what we are making. That's our family activity for the week.


Baked treats

This was Lily's birthday cupcake.  It is zucchini spelt with a vegan cream cheese frosting.  Lily doesn't eat wheat yet but I wanted her to have something "birthday" like.  So this is what she got.  She didn't eat.  She just wanted to hear people sing Happy Birthday to her and clap.  She does not have a sweet tooth.  She wants savory more than anything.  So to make up for her passing on her cupcake, I ate four of these.  Most of which were eaten late at night when the kids were asleep.  The frosting was really good, I ate that straight out of the bowl!  But don't we all?  The frosting, I think, was from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero.  The muffin recipe was from Dreena Burton's last book  Eat, Drink, Be Vegan.    

This is the cake that I made for everyone else to eat at Lily's 1st birthday celebration. It is a basic vanilla cake recipe and fudge frosting.  My son loves this cake!  It's the cake that we always make for his birthday.  So , since Lily is too young to pick, Henry was able to pick for her.  Score!  

After Thanksgiving, I was still in the mood to bake.  I had a huge bag of apples that my Aunt Suzie gave to me.  I don't know where the kids were, my husband must have been out with them or something, but I was able to make the crust from scratch and dive into this beautiful pie without any interruptions.  It was delicious.  Too bad I didn't have some soy ice cream in the freezer.  That would have been amazing!  I guess I'll have to make it again.  I used a recipe from Julie Hasson's book,   The Complete Book of Pies.  Her recipes are very straightforward and easy to follow.  Even though there are non-vegan recipes in the book, she has done a great job of noting where a recipe can be veganized.  I need to make more pies from this book.  But this apple pie was a good place to start. 



YEAH!!!, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Lily is 1 year old!!!!! We celebrated her birthday on Thanksgiving with my family. I made a two layer vanilla cake with fudge frosting for the family. Lily had a zucchini spelt muffin with vegan cream cheese frosting. She was not interested in the muffin at all. She just wanted to look at everyone looking at her. At the end of the birthday song, she clapped with the family and got off my lap to walk around.

I can't believe she is already one year old. Amazing how fast time flies by. Of course I cried a little on her birthday. I wish I could slow down time a little. I don't want her to be a baby forever. I just want to cherish it a little bit longer.

Thanks for joining our family, Lily. I hope you know how much I love you.