9 months old!!!

9 months old!!!, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Lily is 9 months old today. She weighed in at 19 lbs 14 oz. I was hoping for a little more weight to be on her bones, but I'll take it. She is 28 inches tall.

Now that she is 9 months old, we can start feeding her a lot more foods. I can't wait. I've been waiting for this. We have been taking food slowly with her since her brother has a few food allergies, and wanted to go easy with her. So she hasn't had much. Carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash, zucchini, blueberries, avocado, and pears. Her favorites are carrots, sweet potatoes, and pears. The others she can pass on. Oh, I forgot, bananas. She likes bananas. But only if it is fresh and slightly chunky. She doesn't like the pureed stuff in a jar. That gets spit right out! Right now she is still mainly getting most of her nutrition from breastfeeding. I hope to nurse her until she is 2 years old. I nursed Henry until he was 3 years 10 months. I don't plan on nursing Lily that long. With Henry, I wanted to stop when he was about 2 1/2 years old but he was SO attached that the weaning process took a long time. We'll see how Lily is when the time comes.

Smiling eyes

I hope he is always this happy as he is in this photo. Henry was so proud of himself for building a fort with his Pop (my dad). He stayed in it most of the afternoon, reading and decorating it. How I love those eyes. I love you, Henry Lee.



Frittata, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

This is also from VWAV cookbook. It is the frittata that has asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, and basil. The flavor is fantastic. Perfect with a salad. We were heading over to a friends house and I didn't know what food to bring. Finally decided on this gem. It was well received. I brought two and came home with two pieces. I'll have to start experimenting with other flavors. There are so many options.
Henry was willing to eat the tofu in it but no veggies made it through his lips on this dish. Plus our friends made mac and cheeze using the Real Food Daily cookbook. So Henry wanted that over my frittata. At his age, I probably would have done the exact same thing.


Blueberry dumplings

It was my mom's 71st birthday yesterday. Also one of my brothers turned 45. But I made this for my mom's bday. She isn't a huge fan of cakes, so I decided to make something lighter. It looks messy and kind of ugly, but it is tasty. The dumplings steam in the blueberry mixture for 10 minutes. Coming out light and fluffy. Works everytime!

Many years ago I was visiting a friend in Olympia, Washington. We were walking around town and she said we should stop by a friend of hers to say hi. After knocking and being invited in, the woman disappeared into the kitchen for awhile. She came back in about 15 or so minutes with green tea and bowls full of this yummy dessert. As she laid it out in front of us, she said "I made this vegan." Lucky me! After hanging out for an hour or so, we decided to continue on with our walk and as we were leaving she handed me the recipe. I have used it more than I can count. It is fast and easy. Thank you Nikki, for passing on a great recipe that warms my tummy everytime!

Pasta with Cherry tomatoes with olive tapenade

This recipe comes from Vegan with a Vengeance. It is super tasty! I don't know why I haven't made this before. So simple and fast. While the pasta is cooking, you get the sauce ready. Then throw it all together and viola! Dinner is served. I had part of a baguette that was getting hard, so I toasted cut up slices with a little olive oil and rubbed a garlic clove on them when they came out of the oven. Another hit for VWAV cookbook.


Banana Oat Bundles

This recipe comes from Vive Le Vegan by Dreena Burton. I have had my eye on this recipe for awhile but always put it off, thinking they would be like a hockey puck. But they were fantastic right out of the oven! Since there are two ripe bananas in the recipe, the flavor is strong. But the oats and chocolate chips bring it all together. Another food that Henry liked, but this wasn't a surprise. He doesn't turn down sweets.


me looking at you looking at me, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Tofu Potato Miso Gravy Stew

This recipe comes from Vegan with a Vengeance. It is so delicious! The gravy is really tasty. My son, who is really picky, was really into the gravy. So that alone says something. He ate the tofu out of it, but nothing else. I ate two bowls, so did my dad. I wish I more of this right now. I guess I'll just have to make it again.



Henry and his dad went on a hike this past Sunday.  Just up PCH, past Pepperdine University.  They had a great time.  His dad decided that the two of them needed to have alone time.  They have been having a rough time with each other this summer.  Lots of loud voices, loss of patience, etc.  Crappy parent stuff that nobody likes.  So they head out early, right after breakfast, and spend  a few hours exploring a new place together.  They come back happy but tired from the adventure. 

On this trip, they saw lots of animals. Some close up, some further away, and some Henry held in his hand.  There were:  lizards, a salamander, jackrabbits, horses, foxes playing chase with one another, tadpoles, frogs, water snakes, and a coyote (that was very close to Henry!).  Henry loved his time out so much, that he is looking forward to this Sunday when they go out with one another again.  



Chocolate on the brain!

I just ate sliced banana with melted chocolate drizzled on top.  Good stuff.  I am about to lick the bowl.  And I have melted chocolate cooling so I can turn my vanilla ice cream mix into chocolate, then swirl in peanut butter before it is completed in the ice cream mixer.  I was going to make strawberry ice cream, but chocolate peanut butter just sounded a lot better.  Hopefully I can find my son's camera and take photos of it before we eat it all.


ice cream

Henry and I made ice cream over the weekend.  We started with the vanilla ice cream recipe in Veganomicon cookbook.  It uses coconut milk and I think that is the best idea ever!  The ice cream is so creamy and smooth.  Henry decided he wanted to add something to the ice cream.  So after peanut butter and mini chocolate chips were put in, we had the best ice cream either had tasted in a long time.  I don't know why I don't make ice cream more often.  It is amazing.  So easy and fast.  Have to do this again...what flavor to try next?  I should let Henry decided since he did such a great job.  



Today sucks. 
I hate today.
I want to curl up under the covers and go to sleep.
Wake up tomorrow and have it all be behind me.
It will pass. It will get tiny and disappear.  
As it should. I've already made too much out of it.  
I pumped it up and now I can't get the giant blimp out of 
my way.  It will deflate and get thrown away.  Next week, 
I won't remember it, but I might notice the scuff marks it has