Day at the Park

Daddy and Lily at the Park
Daddy and Lily at the park
Henry having a blast on the swings
Henry having fun
The grub!  Apricot BBQ Tofu, Brooklyn Deli Salad, and melon
And we can't forget the Coconut Lemon Bundt Cake!!!

We had one of our vegan family gatherings at the park yesterday.  It was fun, like always.  Only a few families showed up but the kids all got along, which is fantastic.  Sand time, swings, running around and eating lots of food!  I didn't get photos of the other food, I forgot, but there were banana zucchini muffins, chocolate chip cookies, a really good sesame zucchini pie that was savory, and more melon to be had.  All of the food I made came from the cookbook Veganomicon.  I have been trying to cook more and more from that book.  There are SO many recipes that sound fantastic.  I know the macaroni salad is going to be made a lot more now that I know it is so simple and tasty.  

Happy Lily

Happy Lily, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Lily loves the swing. As she became more and more comfortable, Daddy pushed her higher and higher. It was great, except for the sunburn she received on her right shoulder. She doesn't seem bothered by it, by I am. Her skin is fair like mine. I was smart enough to protect her head but that's as far as I went. Not too smart.


Testing out how to do more with the photos and text

Setting up the birthday goodies
I baked a two layer vanilla cake with chocolate fudge frosting.  Henry's pick.  It was great.  The adults were licking their plates too.

Henry and Seven making faces
Seven and Henry making faces
This is what sugar can do to your brain!!!

Happy Anniversary

We've been married 10 years.  10 years ago we were married in Hollywood, CA at the Hollywood Canteen.  Tomorrow we will celebrate by going to Madeleine's Bistro in the valley. 
Drop the kids off at my brother's house and  then we are off for a quiet meal of delicious vegan food.  I've only been there once, so it will be great to go back and try some more of their food.  



This was lunch yesterday.  Tempeh bacon on sourdough with avocado and fake mayo, cantaloupe, soy yogurt with salted cashews, and two peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  I love tempeh bacon!!  It is something I could eat everyday.  And I love putting salty cashews in my soy yogurt.  Something I learned from Henry's friend, Keely.  

Who's 7 months old?!?!!?

Lily is seven months old today.  Hard to believe. Time is flying by.  Sad to say, she fell off the couch today.  Henry had put her there and then walked away to come talk to me in the kitchen.  I thought Lily was still in the bedroom with Daddy.  We didn't find out until she hit the floor and started crying.  So sad.  She landed on her nose, so it was red for quite awhile.  But the tears ended soon enough and she was back to smiling at her big brother.  


Scrub a dub!

I gave Lily a bath in the kitchen sink over the weekend.  I loved giving Henry a bath in here many years ago.  Don't have to bend over to the bathroom tub, the light is better in here, and they love playing with the water as it comes out of the spout.  Lily wouldn't let go of this red stacking cup.  She is holding it as if to show it off.  "Look at what I have.  You wish you had one too."  The simple things are always the best things.  A box, a cup, the newspaper.  She doesn't need the trendy, expensive toys.  Not yet anyways.  For now it's all about the simple stuff.  Here's to summer.  A season with baths in the kitchen sink.  


Out for dinner

We went to Toi Thai on Wilshire in Santa Monica.  We got the Eggplant, Pumpkin,Tofu  and a peanut curry that had potatoes and a couple other veggies.  Henry ordered noodles and took the time to gently remove all traces of anything else off of the noodles before he would eat them.  Picky kid.  Hopefully one day he'll grow out of it.  I can only hope.  

Odd yard decor

Cows and Knight
Mama duck and babies
Mama ducks and babies
Pirate, Merlin, dogs....

This was a house that we passed on a family walk the other night.  My favorite shot is the woman who is swimming in the grass and is about to meet an alligator.  I wonder how long this family has been collecting these gems for everyone to see.   Henry liked the dogs digging in the yard.  Lily could see the cows but everything else was lost on her.  We spent awhile making sure we saw everything and didn't miss anything.  But I bet we missed something.  There was SO much going on in this one little yard.  I bet they really do it up for Halloween.  Maybe we'll have to go there and trick or treat.


Cool kid

Henry, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Sometimes I look at Henry and I don't know where he came from. He is so different from his dad and I. He loves to be the center of attention, loves to make everyone laugh, is not afraid to stand up in front of a crowd. So unlike us. He comes from people who sit in the back of the class, don't draw attention to themselves, who are fine being in a crowd but not having all eyes on them.

Henry is a great kid. He can make me crazy at bedtime when he won't go to sleep or when he wakes me up at 4am to tell me he thought of a new comic book to make.  But he just wants to have a good time.  To have lots of adventures and laughs along the way.  

I feel so lucky to be able to watch him grow up. To watch him become more Henry everyday that passes.

I love you, Henry.


I'm a unicorn

I'm a unicorn, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Playtime with Lily yesterday ended up having these rubber blocks being put on our faces. This is Lily looking not into the game. I swear that I was subjected to this as well but there aren't any photos.

Henry has one more day of school. He is so happy to start summer but I'm sure he'll miss his buddies at school. He has many cool camps to go to this summer. He will be a busy kid. Hopefully it won't be TOO busy!


The new Henry!

The new Henry!, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Henry has been asking for his hair to be cut for awhile now. I found him the other day looking at himself in the mirror. When I asked what was up he responded "i look like a girl?" So we made the appointment. At first he wanted it all off, for his hair to be able to spike up. But the adults thought it should be done a little bit at a time to make sure he was ready for this. So for now, this is the new look. In a few weeks or not, he might want to go shorter. But for now, he says he has surfer hair.


Chocolate Chip Scones

Chocolate Chip Scones, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Our friend, Marcel, brought over six bars of chocolate from Holland. I didn't want to eat all of them straight. So I grated some chocolate and made scones. There were eight to start with...now there's only one left. I didn't eat them all but I did do my share of eating them.



Jellyfish, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Matt took this photo a couple years ago. I stumbled upon it recently and remembered how much I like it. We have to go there again soon. Henry loves going to the Long Beach Aquarium. I'm hoping to go the Monterey Aquarium this summer.

Can't focus

I work from home and right now...I can't focus on my work.  Probably since I haven't eaten any food since 8:30am.  So maybe I should go eat.  Good idea.  Bye. 



Lily is six months old.  Actually she has been for a couple weeks now.  But I'm just talking about it now.  She is currently asleep on my lap while I'm at the computer...I'm suppose to be working.  But I will get back to it in a minute.  


Henry's night shots

At work with a six month old

Matt is on Henry's school field trip as a chaperone.  They went to Topanga Canyon Park or something like that.  So Lily is with me while I work on the computer for my job.  Might I say it is hard juggling her while trying to get work done.  She fell asleep in my lap but I can't get close enough to the desk, so I have been a really odd position trying to work over her body without waking her for the past hour or more.  I'm happy she's asleep but this is painful.  And I could use a water break or even a food break, but I don't want to disturb her.  She had her sleep messed with enough over the weekend.

The weekend... it was great fun.  Went to my nephew's school fair on Saturday, then lunch at his house, then off to see him play T-ball, play in the park, back to his house for water play in the blow up pool, then home for dinner, a movie, and off to bed.  Then Sunday was a nice walk to Henry's school for their school fair, stayed there for a good 2 hours, then walk home, relax a bit, make a really good desert (cookie crumb crust and chocolate peanut butter filling pie).  My friend was down in the dumps a bit.  Or more like she is tired from work and running around with motherly duties all week, so I made a dessert for her since we were going over for a playdate.  And we stayed there for about 4 hours before coming home.  And while driving home, Henry took photos of our drive and his view.  Really cool stuff.  I'll put some on later today.  I need him to write down his titles for the photos.  I'm so proud of him.  Great weekend.  I like those.