Vanilla Cake from a Sarah Kramer cookbook.  And Peanut Butter Chocolate frosting from the Joy of Vegan Baking.  The frosting was fantastic!!!!!  


Yesterday was Matt's birthday. He is now 39.  He's pretending to be having a hard time turning the new age, but he isn't.  This is just Matt.  Silly and uncomfortable in front of the camera. He prefers to be the one taking the photos.  We baked him a cake.  It was vanilla cake with peanut butter chocolate frosting.  So good!  Then we went to Veggie Grill in El Segundo for dinner.  A nice family night out.  



YEAH!  It's raining in Los Angeles.  Smells so great.  All the grime has been washed away and I can bake without breaking a sweat.  Now.... what to make?  


Carbonara pasta

This was lunch today.  Made from "Vegan Express" by Nava Atlas.  Pasta, tempeh bacon, broccoli, garlic, a little veggie broth, a little soy cream, lots of pepper, and some nutritional yeast.  It was so good.  I ate three servings.  Couldn't stop myself.  I snapped a photo before it was gone.  


I love you little man!  4 years old.  It's a great age.  You're gonna love it.   Sean is one of my nephews.  He is feisty, sweet, and perfect.  I love this kid.  


Mailorder blues

The other week at Worldfest I tasted some cookies from Sun Flour Company.  Gluten free, vegan...  good flavor.  My son really liked them.  So when our boxes from the fest were gone, I ordered some online.  They arrived today.  All crumbled bits!  I'm not so happy about that. Great if all I wanted to do was make pie crusts or pour the bag contents straight into my mouth.  But I prefer to grab a couple cookies, a tall glass of cold rice milk and watch crap t.v. And they sent me two orders and charged me twice.  I was cool with it, who wouldn't be okay with an extra box of cookies!?!?, but once I saw that the contents were destroyed, I wasn't happy with the extra order.  Poor me.  I get to feel sorry for myself over something stupid and meaningless.  It'll pass in an hour or so,  then I'll go back to reality.  



Finally I remember to take a photo of something I baked up!  These are sesame tahini cookies from MY SWEET VEGAN.  They were fantastic.  Henry even agreed.  I bake these before our apartment got too hot with the latest heatwave.  Now I need to pick my next recipe to do from this cookbook.  It might have to be the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bomb Cookies.  They look amazing.  


too hot!

Whenever Los Angeles gets a heat wave, above 85 degrees for me, I can't stop thinking about where to move to.  

New York - no they have their heat waves too and those winters are TOO intense.  

Portland - I'd love to but I know my husband isn't into the idea.  He doesn't like a lot of rain. 

Bay Area -  Sure, I had a great time in San Francisco.  Will it still be fun?  Can I afford it now with two kids??   

How about out of the country??  That sounds great.  


books books books

For Mother's Day, I bought myself some cookbooks.  Who knows when I'll have the time to try them out.  But I have them if I want to.

My Sweet Vegan by Hannah Kaminsky  All desserts...which to choose first is the biggest problem.  

Vegan Express by Nava Atlas  Easy recipes for families and if you are short on time.

The Gluten Free Vegan  by Susan O'Brien  Got this since my husband is sensitive to gluten.  

Rawvolution  by Matt Amsden  Another book I bought since my husband likes to eat raw.

You Won't Believe It's Vegan!  200 recipes  by Lacey Sher and Gail Doherty

and another raw book that is really simple.  


funny thought

I just realized that this is called "vegan mom" and I never talk about being a vegan.  I don't post photos of the things I bake or cook for my kids.  I need to get on that.  Otherwise I should change what this is about.....  another thing to add to that ever growing list of things to do.  

organize clipped out recipes

make baby album of seven year old son and then start my daughter's album

try more recipes from recently and old cookbooks

start up yoga classes

get a  haircut

learn to knit more than a scarf

take photos and post of those recipes that I want to make


Somedays music can really  hit the spot. Get me focused on my work.  Get the family bouncing around like a bunch of fools.  Not caring what we look like.  Right now I have a stack of cd's that I'm going thru:  The Strokes, U2, Strawman, Tears for Fears, X, Throwing Muses.  I need to listen to Patti Smith too.  Karen got me into her.  Patti can always get me through a rough shot, a long day of overtime.  Patti does the trick.  

Everytime I hear U2, I think of a friend of a friend who said that they were musical phlegm.  I didn't like the guy, but that phrase has stuck with me.  I can see why people can't stand U2.  They sell their music for commercials, Bono is everywhere (as Karen says), and it's easy to dislike them.  But for me, they have memories attached to them.  Good memories.  So I will always have a soft spot for them, no matter how much they sell their souls or how many gimmicks they go through.  

Tears for Fears... a friend in high school once said that she loved them because they would be good fathers.  Such a bizarre comment.  What teenager cares if someone would make a good father?  But it's fun to go back and listen to the 80's stuff (Duran Duran, The Smiths, Tears for Fears, etc).  It doesn't all age very well but it is fun.  

Okay, back to work.  Enough nonsense.  


Fun before bedtime

Lily loves to be under the sheets when Matt makes the bed.  So Henry decided to jump in on the fun too.  Here they are.  Making their silly faces.  I like how Lily looks like Popeye.  And Henry is probably making a pirate sound or something silly to make her laugh.  



How could I forget...I saw John Doe at McCabe's in Santa Monica on Friday night.  X was my favorite band when I got into music in junior high school.  I was lucky enough to sit near the front so I could see him really well but unlucky enough to have to listen to some d-head behind me talking about the "good ol' days".  He almost ruined the night for me... but then John Doe starting singing and all was fine.  Hearing "white girl", "twin brother" and "silver wings" made my night.  That man can sing.  

Years ago I saw John Doe and Kristen Hersh sing at Virgin Records on Sunset.  My friend, Karen, is more of a Hersh fan and I am more of a Doe fan.  When she said something about John Doe wishing he was as good as Hersh, I was so offended.  Funny the stuff that gets under our skin.  But let's face it, we all know that Doe is better.   That's for Karen.  She knows I enjoy listening to Kristen Hersh too.  

Family Day

We had a family day today. Henry was up at 6 or something whispering in my ear wanting leftover vegan pizza for breakfast. When I said no, he hit up Daddy in an hour. I hopped out of bed and fixed him breakfast. A bit later, Lily and Daddy got up. Lily was all smiles. Nothing like a baby smile to get your day off on the right foot. It is mind blowing. Finally around 11, we headed out to Glendale to visit the NASA JPL site. I was a fool...I didn't know every nerd in LA county would be there! It was so crowded. But we still had a good time. Henry was amazing with not being able to see everything and having to walk a mile to the site and back when he was starving.

But he did get to do a few fun things: a mini rover rolled over his back to show how the rovers can go over the rocky terrain of Mars, he took a 3D photo with his dad (shown above - use 3D glasses to get the cool effect), and picked up some free goodies. Free goodies are always a plus.

Then we hit up Orean Express in Alta Dena for some fries, tofu pups, and burgers. Henry did his drawings before and after lunch. Came home, rested for a bit, before we headed over to see extended family for a birthday gathering. Henry played for three hours with his cousins until I said it was time for home. He is crashed out in his bed, surrounded by his collection of stuffed animals. When will he let those go... I never thought they would last this long...will he be one of those people who have stuffed animals in their cars. Hanging from their rear view mirros or behind the back seat.