More music

Okay, I know I started this thing thinking I would post more about motherhood and cooking...but whatever.  It is what it is.  Today I am listening to Lanterns on the Lake.  They are about to are just have released an EP.  I can't wait to get it.  I have been listening to their songs on myspace.com and can't get enough.  Nothing rocking. Very mellow.  Can actually get me feeling sad but that is okay.  You gotta feel that too.  

If you get a chance or care to check out something new, try this
I hope you like it.  I do.  


Music for today

Today is all about him.  Mainly the DEEP album and the HOLY SMOKE one too.
I think I'll just hit replay over and over.  


They grow some more

Henry has lost another front top tooth.  He already had a David Letterman or Alfred E. Newman gap going on before the teeth fell out...so now.. the gap is amazing!  I smile when he talks to me.  It is just too cute for me.  He is so proud of this smile.  I can't wait for his second grade photo.  I might just have to order the 8x10 copy and frame it for all to see. 

And Ms. Lily turned 8 months old on Saturday.  She is having a blast. Crawling everywhere, pulling herself up, and joining in on everything.  She can now hunt down some paper to chew on when we think we have put it all out of her reach.  We find her chewing on magazines, books, napkins, bills, etc.  She LOVES paper.  I think water and paper are her two best friends right now.  


Look at that smile!

G...A.....P...., originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Henry lost his first upper tooth today. This isn't his first baby tooth that has left his mouth, it is actually the third. But this one is special to me. It changes the way he looks. It changes him from a little kid to more of a big kid. And he has always had a HUGE gap between his front two teeth. Kind of like Alfred E. Newman, only better looking. And now that gap is huge since the baby tooth is gone. It will be really funny if that other front top tooth falls out so he has an even BIGGER gap until the adult teeth make their way in.

Henry is so proud. As he should be. This is a milestone. I am a proud momma bear. Smile for me gorgeous.


Summer Fun

Swimming at Jack & Sean's, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

It's not roasting hot in Los Angeles, but hot enough for the kids to want to be in the water having fun. So yesterday we went over to my brother's place and Henry and Lily went for a dip. Lily was very excited to be in the water. She splashed and splashed. Even when she'd get water on her face or in her eyes, she kept going. It was fun to watch. Henry had fun doing squirt toys with his cousins. I wish we had a pool but maybe in our next home.



Today is all about PJ Harvey.  My friend, Karen, reminded me of how great PJ is.  So here I sit, working and listening to Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea.  Next I might have to listen to Dry or   Is this Desire?  We'll see.  All good choices. 

My dinner

My dinner, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Not the greatest picture but the food was excellent. From V'con cookbook we have chickpea cutlets and lemon roasted potatoes. You can never go wrong with the cutlets! They are great. I like mine super crusty as you can see. Then we have steamed asparagus and golden gravy from the new farm cookbook which everyone just calls the farm cookbook. Henry loves that gravy. He loves it with pasta too. That is really good actually. We all like that now because of Henry.


First tooth!!!

Lily has her first tooth. Finally broke through!  We've been waiting for this day for quite awhile.  I can't get a photo of it, it's too small at this point.  But this means new smiles are coming.  The cute photos of those bottom teeth in her grin.  Awww, I can't wait.  So sweet.  What I'm not looking forward to... nursing her and getting bit sometimes.  But we'll get through it.  I made it out okay with Henry getting teeth at 4 months, I can survive Lily getting teeth at 7 1/2 months.  

M Cafe in Culver City

Roasted Vegetable Sandwich with dandelion and chickpea salad.

Henry's  Seitan Sandwich and soba noodle salad

Matt's Indian plate from India Sweets and Spices

Last night Matt and I weren't feeling well.  So I suggested M Cafe in Culver City.  A little expensive for sandwiches but always great tasting!  The food always seems fresh and the side salads are incredible.  Matt has a cold so he wanted something spicy.  So he walked around the corner to India Sweets and Spices to pick up a combo plate.  He proabably spent 6-7 dollars or less for lemon rice, two sides, a samosa, papadum, and roti.  I love this place but they use corn oil to cook in, so I can't eat it since Lily can't have corn.  It upsets her tummy.  

Anyways, Henry and I  got great sandwiches and salads at M Cafe.  I was happy to see Henry get excited about his soba noodle salad!  He actually picked it out first!  Now if I could get him to leave the arugula and carmelized onions on his sandwich...... but I won't hold my breath.  I had a hard time deciding between the dandelion salad or the curry cauliflower salad. Both great choices.  But this time it the dandelion was looking really tasty.  And it was!  

Everyone polished off their plates, except Henry asked if he could take some to camp today for his lunch.  Sounds good to me.  More easy to pack that lunchbox at 8am when everyone is getting ready for the day.  



Pasta!!, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

This is Pasta Della California. It is from the cookbook Veganomicon. You need to make this dish. It is fantastic! Avocado, linguine, arugula, broccoli, garlic, chili flakes, lime zest and juice! There is barely any leftover of this. I kept going back for more and more.


Quiche, pasta and more

Henry's breakfast
Chocolate soymilk, apples with peanut butter, wheatfree waffle with syrup.
This is pretty much what Henry eats every morning.  

Henry's dinner
Honeydew melon, broccoli quiche from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's blog (http://www.theppk.com) , pesto pasta, and pasta with margarine in case Henry hated the other food.  He hated the quiche but ate the pesto pasta.  That was a plus.  

Pesto Pasta 
I had three bunches of basil from farmer's market. So I made a big batch of pesto.  Toasted pine nuts, nutritional yeast, veggie broth, miso paste, and a little olive oil.   So good.  We'll make pizza later this week with some of the other pesto that I froze.

Broccoli Quiche with cashews

This recipe has been posted for awhile on http://www.theppk.com  and I just got around to trying it.  I had a frozen crust in the freezer so I decided to use that.  I really liked the texture that the cashews added to the quiche.  I always like quiche, it's simple and filling.  This is lunch for today and I might go eat it now.  See ya!


I'm gonna go get it!

I'm gonna go get it!, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Yesterday, Lily decided it was time to start crawling! Henry was busy playing Twister with our friends, Allan and Mary Jane, and Lily moved towards them. It was great. She did two movements towards them and then collapsed. The world is now hers for the grabbing! This is an exciting time we are entering. I love this part. Even though it can make you crazy having to make sure everything is out of their reach, I love how happy they get when they grab something they wanted.


Lily watches her big brother

L watches H, originally uploaded by erin32mc.

Henry and Lily went to the park together. Henry showed Lily how to dig and play in the sand. He did a great job because she LOVED the sandbox. Always a good time with these two. She loves her big brother.


It's an ......

Elliott Smith day.  

Under my headphones listening to "XO". A great album.  If you don't know it, give it a listen and fall in love with something new.