LA County Fair and the stink of pork

This is a photo of us, our family of three almost four, in September at the LA County Fair. Not the greatest place to be for a vegan family. But we've been trying to do special little trips for Henry so he feels that he isn't missing out since we're busy getting ready for baby #2. Henry enjoys the carnival rides (as long as they don't spin him). We went with our friend Karen and had a great time...except for smelling meat bbq every 30 feet!

Henry had the best time petting the two donkeys that had great personalities. At one point their friend, the forest ranger that takes care of them, was about to leave for a parade through the fairgrounds when the donkeys let her know that they wanted to go too. They cried out and she heard them and ran right over to take them with her. It was so sweet. Nice to know that she cared so much to listen to them.

It was a long day at the fair. We had pulled Henry out of school at 1pm, picked up Karen soon after and dived into LA traffic to Pomona! Probably got to the fair at 2:30 or so and we stayed until 7:30 or 8pm. We were dead tired but drove quickly to Happy Family in Monterey Park to have a much needed dinner. So good to be out of "meat hell" of the fair and into a veggie paradise! We stuffed our faces and headed home. It was hard to get up the next day for work and school! We all needed to have a rest.


If pregnant, no riding roller coasters!

Here it is more than two years later and I remember that I set this up.
I am about to give birth to my second kid. Unreal. I can't believe we made
this leap. Excited and scared at the same time. But once he or she is in
our home, it will feel so natural. I should get back to work...hopefully more later while I'm
on maternity leave.